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Due to the big size basins, it’s expensive and not convenient for courier shipping, we only accept based on container quantity(can accept several model mixed) or each model 20pcs+. Thank you for your understanding.


HiWudu Company

HiWudu Sanitary Ware is a professional sanitary ware supplier, specializing in manufacturing wall hung toilet and basin.
With a full supply chain and tough standard, we’re able to provide whole set solution of sanitary wares to our customers.
Our accumulated experience of 11 years & expertise allow us to collaborate with you to elevate your brand through every step of our integrated process, from consultation to final delivery.

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If you have any enquiries,please kindly send e-mail to info@hiwudu.com

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At HiWudu Sanitary Ware Company, Sanitary Ware mean more.

The world first multifunctional basin

Did you see a kid need the help of a step stool in order to reach the normal height basin? Or did you see a wheelchair person is too hard to reach the basin when he/she wants to wash hands? Or how come if the bathroom with limit space for

What is wudu basin?

Introduction of ablution(wudu or wudoo) Wuḍūʾ (Arabic: الوضوء‎ al-wuḍūʼ [wʊˈdˤuːʔ])According to the Holy book of Quran, muslim need to finish ablution ritual before they perform prayer. The washing ritual it involves washing at four compulsory areas, face, both hands, forehead to crown of head, both feet. It is expected of

5 key aspects to choose a good WUDU basin

An ablution washbasin is not a normal basin, but we need to consider it can accommodate to wash face, hands and most important, FEET WASH. There are 5 main factors when we choose a wudu basin. 1.BY Material, there are 3 kinds of material ceramic, acrylic, PP, etc. 2) acrylic

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