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5 key aspects to choose a good WUDU basin

An ablution washbasin is not a normal basin, but we need to consider it can accommodate to wash face, hands and most important, FEET WASH.

There are 5 main factors when we choose a wudu basin.

1.BY Material, there are 3 kinds of material ceramic, acrylic, PP, etc.

  1. ceramic wudu basin is the heaviest, each basin is up to 30kg-50kg. It goes with the advantage of smooth shining finish, easy clean, longer life, ceramic wudu basin molding charges is the highest, so the costs are the highest.
wudu basin

2) acrylic wudu basin is much lighter, each wudu basin is around 10kg-20kg. It goes with the advantage of easy clean, lighter, the molding charge is the middle. Due to the technology, acrylic can go with more styles, bigger size models.

3) plastic(PP) wudu basin are mainly in smaller size, and focus on foot wash only.

2.BY Size. We suggest you leave around 70cm from the basin to the wall, ensure there is enough space for other people moving while one people is using wudu basin.

  1. The big size wudu basin with depth is around 100cm, it fits for big size home

bathroom, mosque, or multi faith room. The integrated seat is so convenient.

  • the middle size wudu basin with depth is around 65cm-75cm, it fits for normal size

home bathroom, multi faith place, etc. Generally, it goes with a special design seat. When no use, just put the seat and save space.

  • The compact size wudu basin depth is under 60cm, it fits for small apartment, hospital, school, college, hotel, etc. It fits not only for bathroom, but also for public.

3.BY structure, there are 4 kinds, dual level wudu basin, modular wudu basin, intergrated wudu basin, or wudu basin with a stool.

1) Duel level wudu basin, also considering children, and wheel chair users.

2) Modular wudu basin, ideal for mosques ablution, the disadvantage is it can not move, need to fix when doing decoration.

3) wudu basin and the stool.

4) table top basin+foot washer

4.By using place(space)

  1. Home. you need to consider style, S-trap or P-trap(most are S-trap), bathroom size, family member convenience,
  2. Mosque. Most mosques’ ablution rooms are bigger, we suggest to consider those big size acrylic or modular wudu basin with integrate seats together.
  3. Workplace.You can choose as per the room size.
  4. Outdoor.The portable, foldable, pocket-sized ‘lota’ for personal washing (istinja), ideal for use when traveling outside(e.g. school, university, work, umrah, hajj etc. ,alternative to use bottles and cups, holds 0.6L of water. You can put at the trunk of the car.

5.The accessories to work with wudu basin.

1) Mixer(faucet), you can consider the shape as per the specific wudu basin, the hot and cold function, or single cool function, wall mounted tap, non concussive tap, wall mounted tap, anti-ligature tap, sensor tap, etc.

2) Stool. Most are with feather seat, stainless steel legs or powder painting legs. There are also wooden stool.

3) Wudu detergent
4) Foldable portable water tank
5) Drainage
6) Valve
7) Water pipe
8) Signage
9) Anti-slip matting
10) Electronic sensor dryer for face, hand, foot drying
11) Soap dispenser

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