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HiWudu is a professional wudu brand, specializing in manufacturing wudu facilities.
We are striving for better goods and services for clean, safe, dignified, easy, and comfortable wudu wash.
The wudu basins are made of ceramic or acrylic, with the advantage of smooth and easy clean finish. They are used at home, multi-faith room, or workplace or other public places.
FOOT WASH is the key point, we balance both the comfortable distance to strength the legs and the size of the basins, we also consider adults and kids, even wheelchair users. We provide solutions for foot wash, like integrated wudu basin with seat in one unit, you can stand up and wash the feet in the lower basin of the dual levels wudu basin, and smart wudu basin with advantage of the smart size, that basin goes with a special designed seat, it saves space when no use. We also take care of tall and fat people’s foot wash.
You can choose basins as per the space, purpose and budgets.
The wudu basins are S-trap(waste goes thought floor), its easy for quick installation. The whole set goods are packed by cartons for protections.
We also provide wooden case or pallet for better protection if needed.
We work with importers, whole sellers, and contractors.We will sit down with our customers and study the cases and provide professional suggestions.
Welcome to work with us and develop new models together.
We are looking for agents or exclusivity, welcome to contact us and discuss.

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We’re a full-service manufacturing wudu facilities!

“We are professional ablution goods supplier.We know your WUDU needs. Our expters will take care of you from goods recommending, quoting, manufacturing following, shipping and after sales services. All enquiries or requests will be answered within 24hours.”

Snowy Chan

Sales Manager,China




Our factory uses our own fine clay as raw material with big mounting workshop.


Our QC check production progress one by one to check quality, such as surface, glaze, straightness,


With rich experience, advancedequipment & smooth process, we ensure high productivity.

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We are whole seller, wudu basin series is our new line, Hiwudu team is very cooperated and they accept to mix several models in a container. That’s quite help for us to start this product line. They always give me solutions on the projects. I will continue work with them.
Mr Zakriya
UK Sanitary ware company CEO