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Professional Guidance

We know ablution wash needs. And most importantly, we know the people who use them.

At the initial stage of our cooperation, we’ll listen carefully to your needs through an in-depth conversation. Thinking through your sanitary ware line and WUDU goods requirements of your brand and customers, our WUDU expert will give you professional guidance and work out a solution.

So the result will be a wudu facility that blends style, function and size as per the project.


Foot bath is the key point. We discuss to see based on the space, how to make foot bath more comfortable. We will consider all users, whether they are old people, pregnant ladies, or kids, or movement difficulty people, or special need people. Many factors, like the height, the distance from wuhdu sink seat to the faucet, accessories, material, design, are also evaluated. In order better experience of foot wash, we suggest our customers choose foot dryer, and choose hot and cool function faucets.

STRICT quality control

Professional QC will check quality in every process. They will take care of leakage testing, water testing, installing testing, drop testing, and check size, even surface(glaze), straightness, pin hole, packaging, LOGO lazer, packing way, etc.

Many Ways to show our goods and update

In order you can learn our goods design, material, technology, usage, etc.

Our expert will show you picture, drawing, video or even have a video call for you to learn details and updates.

All order manufacturing will be reported regularly. You order and the rest is our jobs. We approve your trust is worthy.

Goods Inspection Support

Every wudu facility goes through the thorough in-house inspection before delivery. But we still welcome the on-site or third-party inspection.

Besides, we offer goods inspection support by sending you detailed photos & videos so you can inspect your products as if you were in our factory.

Dual levels wudu basin
Wudu Wash In Any Places, Home, Public, Mosque, Workplace, Etc.
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Designed Together With Wudu Taps To Ensure That The Spouts Are In The Most Comfortable Position For Wudu And At The Right Angle To Minimise Splashing
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Ideal for homes or where space is limited
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