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The world first multifunctional basin

Did you see a kid need the help of a step stool in order to reach the normal height basin? Or did you see a wheelchair person is too hard to reach the basin when he/she wants to wash hands? Or how come if the bathroom with limit space for the whole family? Or if you want to have a nicer basin that solve all above problems.

Aha, here comes the great answer, the world’s first multifunctional basin can help you! It can achieve because its two layers, the upper basin goes for adult hand wash, the lower basin goes for foot wash of adult, and hand wash for kid, old people, and wheelchair user, etc.
It fits all people, adult, kid, old people, and those that have difficulty when using normal height basin.
This multifunctional basin fits any places, home, villa, workplace, community center, airport, shopping mall, hospital, prison, academy, hotel or resort. Its an art, the beautiful streamline design and high class smooth porcelain self clean surface.
You can choose put the sink stand on the floor or hang on the wall. There are 2 hanging holes at the back of the basin for easy installing. A normal chair can be used when you use the lower basin.The basin size is so compact, 80cm height and and 54.5cm width. Its so excellent that you can use hot water in cold winter.
What’s more, if you are Muslim, this multifunctional basin is off course an ideal of WUDU basin(wudoo sink). There is continue clean running water of wudu ablution ritual as per Quran. You will love it because you can sit down on the chair and have an easy foot bathin the lower basin decently. No worry for the water splashing and get floor slippery, safer.It becomes easy for water management at home, mosque, or workplace.

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